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A brand new innovation to assist where immediate cleaning of surgical instruments is not possible. The Humipak is a patented method for preventing the drying out of protein on instruments whilst awaiting cleaning aimed at meeting the requirements of HTM01-01.

Each Humipak pouch consist of two layers of film, with a highly absorbent material sandwiched between them and sealed to create a moisture retaining pouch. To use, simply add a specified amount of water to the pouch, seal and leave to await manual cleaning in the CSSD.

Humipak by Clinipak

Clinipak currently offers two designs in the Humipak range. The initial range consists of 2 large pouches, sized to hold either a ‘DIN’ or ‘half-DIN’ sized basket. When sealed using the self-seal strip, the pouch will retain a moist atmosphere for over 7 days.

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The second design consists of 2 multi-pocketed pouches, one with 7 pockets and one with 4. Once used, the pockets will maintain a humid environment for up to 48 hours.

Humipak by Clinipak

Humipak by Clinipak

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About Humipak

Westfield Medical Ltd
New products developed in response to HTM01-01

When the debate over how to improve the removal of contamination from used instruments became prominent, Westfield Medical and Clinipak investigated how the technologies could be utilised to create a product range which reduced the effort required to clean instruments without the need for chemicals—the result is Humipak.

Humipak employs the principle of maintaining the instruments in a moist environment prior to being cleaned, preventing any organic matter from drying out, facilitating easier instrument cleaning.

Whilst acknowledging that ideal instrument cleaning protocol involves washing immediately after use, it was noted that this is not always practical and this resulted in the creation of the Humipak range—a patented method for preventing the drying of protein on instruments whilst awaiting cleaning.

Each Humipak consists of a layer of a blue, low linting and highly absorbent material sandwiched between two layers of a film laminate and sealed to create a moisture retaining pouch. All the materials used are tried and tested over many years within the sterilisation department environment to ensure compatibility with the intended use.

Humipak is easy to use. The addition of a specified amount of water to the absorbent layer creates a humid atmosphere within the pack, preventing the drying of biological debris on the instruments whilst avoiding the risk of spilling excess liquid.

The initial product range consists of four self-seal Humipaks, including sizes to hold a ‘DIN’, ‘Half-DIN’ or ’double-DIN’ sized basket. All are provided with self seal tape allowing the packs to be sealed, retaining the moist atmosphere for over 7 days—providing ample time for the instruments to be re-processed.

After the addition of water, a humid atmosphere is created into which instruments can be placed for ease of storage and to provide a degree of protection in addition to preventing the drying out of biological debris.

The current range is provided non-sterile, but where use is envisaged during operations, a pre-sterilised range will be produced.

Additional Benefits

The transparent film, in addition to maintaining the moist atmosphere, allows the contents to be clearly observed including any written instructions or contents list, making it convenient for checking that all items listed are contained within the pack.

Contaminants are contained within the Humipak reducing the risk of transmission.

The sealed pack acts as security bags confirming all the contents have been returned.

The inner absorbent layer on the pocketed Humipack’s provides protection for delicate instruments while preventing any residue from drying. This product is available with four or seven pockets.

All pouches are designed to assist in achieving standards in line with HTM01-01 guidance and are covered by UK Patent Applied No. 1006807.0.