Hospital Solutions

Richards Medical source the highest quality medical and surgical instruments from respected suppliers and manufacturers world wide.

CSSD Solutions

At Richards Medical we are dedicated to the continual sourcing of new and improved consumable products to assist in the CSSD process. An overview of the CSSD process can be seen here.


We are suppliers of a range of consumable products from suppliers such as Clinipak, Lawton, CBM and Famos. For documents and downloads please click here.


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Central Sterile Supply Department

To provide solutions for hospital infection, the CSSD (Central Sterile Supply Department) has come into place.

A CSSD is like a manufacturing plant for sterile items. The collection of soiled items from operation theaters, ICU's, wards, out patients department and other specialties are received by the CSSD for processing, then returned to the end users in a sterile state.

The CSSD centralises the sterile processing activities, in which reusable medical devices and surgical instruments and equipment (excluding the operating theatre procedures) are processed and issued for diagnostic and patient care procedures.

Functions and Activities of a CSSD

Receipt: This includes receiving the materials, supplies and equipment, dressings and other specialised surgical items for processing.

Cleaning: This function means cleaning of the used equipments/materials, rubber and plastic goods either manually or by machines eg., ultrasonic cleaner, water jet cleaners, washer disinfectors, tubing washers and dryers. This function may also include cleaning of the delivery trolleys.

Checking, Assembling and Packaging: It includes checking of glass items for breakages, needles and instruments for sharpness and damage, assembling of the equipment after washing and drying, making sets and packaging for sterilisation.

Sterilisation: It renders materials bacteriologically safe for quality patient care.



Labelling: Easy identification for prompt and proper use.

Storage: The function includes storage of sterilised packs, containers and sets, dressing materials, spare parts of machines or sterilisers for routine maintenance and broken/ unserviceable items for disposal. Paper is fast replacing linen wrappers. Space should also be provided for storing distribution trolleys. Sterile store maintains inventory of all types of sterile packs.

Issue and Distribution: The function entails issue of the sterilised packages, dressings, linen, instruments and disposables to various departments of the hospitals and theatre.

Clinipak Ltd

Clinipak Ltd is a medical manufacturing and distribution company. The product focus is Central Sterile Supplies and Theatre Sterile Supplies and the product range covers almost all items required within this area, for packing, protection, instrument presentation, colour coding and labelling, sterilisation control and cleaning and safe "used instrument" circulation. The company has gained an international reputation for originality and innovation.

Richards Medical are able to source any of the products listed in the Clinipak catalogue. View the Clinipak catalogue here (24mb), or contact Richards Medical customer service and place your order.


A single company with a reputation for Technical Excellence and Product Reliability, committed to CSSD's Manufacturing both Hardware and Sterilisation Consumables.

Famos is putting a lot of effort to assist hospitals world-wide with their sterilisation department. Every year more sterilisation monitoring products are developed by us likewise specific products for traceability and tracking of instrument trays/containers. By means of these new sterilisation assurance products we contribute to establish a controlled sterilisation, storage and distribution of medical devices in more and more Hospitals.

The experienced Famos and Richards Medical partnership bring you a complete range of sterilisation hardware and consumables. Please contact our customer service and request further information.


Lawton Surgical Instruments

Lawton view their past success, and in particular their responsibility, toward the surgeon and the patient as an obligation to continue to focus their skill, experience, and creativity on advancing the art of medical technology in the future.


Lawton offers a wide range of products that our customers rely on. Their product range comprises more than 14.000 different items – and is continually expanding.

In addition to their classical surgical instruments like scissors, forceps, clamps, hooks, needle holders etc., they also offer customised solutions for all types of surgical procedures.

Carefully selected raw materials, state-of-the-art production technologies, outstanding craftsmanship, striving for highest quality, and our customer oriented thinking, have made Lawton a leading manufacturer in the field of the medical device technology.

Through ongoing collaboration with surgeons and sales partners in Germany and abroad, they guarantee their development of future products that meet the latest trends and standards in the field of surgery.

CSSD ConsumablesRichards Medical can supply a broad range of consumable products for the Hospital and/or Medical Departments. Information sheets on some of the products available can be found on our download page. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please contact our customer service for more information.

Cleaning Consumables

Clinipak Humipak

Newly released Humipak, a brand new innovation to assist where immediate cleaning of surgical instruments is not possible. The Humipak is a patented method for preventing the drying out of protein on instruments whilst awaiting cleaning aimed at meeting the requirements of HTM01-01.

Clinipak Cleaning Products

Decontamination is a process which removes or destroys microorganisms to render an object safe for use. It includes cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation. Clinipak have a broad range of cleaning products from the Flexistem cleaning system to instrument cleaning brushes for wash room use.

DispoClean by Alkapharm

Providing quality patient care can only be successfully achieved if the surgical instruments and equipment used to treat them are clean. DispoClean is a unique single passage cleaning process for endoscopes.

A revolution in traditional endoscope brushing techniques DispoClean offers, Cost effective, Safer, Faster and more efficacious cleaning than ever previously obtainable.

Wrapping Consumables

Famos Packing & Validation

Famos is supplying heat sealers from Famos in the Netherlands. The heat sealers are, in combination with packaging materials, completing our product range for the CSSD. Since ISO-11607 has become the world-wide standard for Medical Device packaging systems Famos is providing IQ/OQ/PQ support for heat sealers- Calibration, validation and seal strength testing in accordance to EN 868 part 5 has become a standard for our heat sealer service.



Famos is producing heat seal tests which can be used for daily testing and documentation of heat seal results.

Sterilisation Consumables

Famos Sterilisation Monitoring

The range of Sterility Assurance Products (SAP) of Famos consists of products with chemical indicators used to check sterilisation processes and to enhance documentation system for Hospitals and Medical Device Industry.

The advantage of chemical indicators is that after sterilisation they are immediately available for read out whereas biological indicators first need to be incubated before results can be determined.

The SAP of Famos includes chemical indicators for Steam, Formaldehyde, Ethylene-Oxide and Plasma sterilisation processes. They are available as ISO 11140-1 Class 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 chemical indicators.

Independent tests by micro-biological laboratories are available for our SAP as proof to conformity to standards.

Transportation and Storage

Clinipak Transportation Solutions

Clinipak have a range of UN Approved Transport Boxes in six sizes, all of which can go through washer disinfectors for decontamination purposes. Optional metal inner baskets are available for the middle three sizes. These can be removed and decontaminated/autoclaved. Click here for more info on the Clinipak cleaning range.

Tracking & Identification Products

Famos Documentation & Traceability

Increasing international recommendations and regulations to have a proper documentation and traceability system in place for sterilised Medical Devices leads to an increasing use of products from this category. 

Famos offers a wide variety of trackinglabels, cards and seals for both containers and packed instrument trays.