DispoClean Cleaning Process

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About Dispo'Clean


A revolution in traditional endoscope brushing techniques, DispoClean offers, cost effective, safe, faster and more efficacious cleaning than ever previously obtainable.

Using the traditional brushing technique requires endoscope internal channels to be brushed repeatedly. This technique is extremely time consuming and due to the varying biomechanical action of the multi brushing technique, can often result in potentially contaminated particles remaining on channel walls.

DispoClean's unique patented single passage process utilises a multi active group of ergonomically designed flexible cleaning blades scientifically proven to remove the maximum of residues from endoscope internal channels each & every time in one simple operation.

DispoClean eliminates cross infection concerns regarding reusable equipment in meeting the current infection control guidelines set by the British Society of Gastroenterology.

Using the DispoClean method is simple; introduction into the scope channel is aided with an integral non-traumatic introductory tip, once inside the technician pulls the Dispoclean through each channel via the distal tip. With this single one way passage the operation is perfectly achieved.

A single unit is all that is required to clean each endoscope; the technician needs only to rinse the DispoClean unit once in a suitable detergent solution between each channel cleaned.

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DispoClean Video

DispoClean now available direct from Richards Medical in a choice of two sizes and colour coded for easy identification:

  1. GREEN - For use with all endoscopes with 2.8mm to 3.2mm channel diameters
  2. YELLOW - For use with all endoscopes with 3.2mm to 4.2mm channel diameters. With the choice of dispense format of either: Box containing 250 individually packed Units or a compact dispense reel of 250 units.

DispoClean: "The perfect cleaning process to optimise and secure your endoscope decontamination"

Download a brochure on the DispoClean here, or contact us at Richards Medical for further information and pricing.

Reference - Dr. Lionel Pineau Report and comparison with brush as on the Download Files page.