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Richards Medical source the highest quality medical and surgical instruments from respected suppliers and manufacturers world wide.

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Unomedical have been the surgeon’s partner for over 25 years by providing the Steriseal brand of innovative, high quality and cost effective products. Since 1977 when Steriseal developed their first cannula with the late Dr John Pearce, it has been their policy to follow medical device guidelines for both their existing range and all new products. Now in the twenty first century Steriseal products are used in the following ophthalmic procedures.

• Cataract
• Vitreo-retina
• Refractive
• Lacrimal introductions

Ophthalmic Product Range

Anaesthesia Lens Extraction
Anterior Chamber Lens Manipulation
Capsulotomy Polishers
Hydrodissection Refraction
I/A Systems Retractors
Lacrimal Vitreoretinal


Speciality Needle Product Range

Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy
Radiology Needles
Soft tissue Biopsy Needles
Spinal, Epidural & Specaility