Stephens Instruments

Richards Medical are now the distributors FOR an extensive range of Ophthalmic Products from Steriseal, STEPHENS INSTRUMENTS & POLYVAC Ophthalmic products in Australia as well as New Zealand..



Stephens Instruments carries one of the largest surgical instrument lines for Ophthalmology with more than 1500 items. Their product range includes both reusable as well as disposable instruments. Stephens offers customised sets for Glaucoma, Cataract, Refractive, Lacrimal and Foreign Body. All sets may be modified to suit the doctor’s needs with the freedom to create your own set as well. Other product lines include Plastic Sterilising Trays, Sapphire Knives, Prosthetic Eyes, Spheres, and Trial Sets.

LR Instruments is able to offer you the range of quality Stephens Instruments at competitive prices because Stephens manufacturer their own products. Stephens place great emphasis on quality control standards to assure that every item from the simplest wire speculum to the most complicated intraocular scissors is given the same rigorous quality inspection during manufacturing.