Steriseal by Unomedical

Richards Medical are now the distributors FOR an extensive range of Ophthalmic Products from Steriseal, STEPHENS INSTRUMENTS & POLYVAC Ophthalmic products in Australia as well as New Zealand..



I/A Systems

Simcoe I/A, Twin & Single Cannulae, Bi-Manual Handpieces

I/A System Simcoe Cannulae



Twin & Single Cannulae

The shorter tube on the twin cannulas provide the irrigating flow into the anterior chamber.


The longer cannula aspirates cortical debris via connection to a Pallin syringe.


Bi-Manual Irrigating / Aspirating Handpieces

For Bi-manual irrigating and aspirating cortex after phacoemulsification of the lens nucleus. Aspiration can be achieved through either right or left paracentesis allowing access to all areas of the capsule. The 157400 is connected to the aspiration line of the phaco machine via the proximal male lure connection of the handpiece. Irrigation is achieved via the 157500 handpiece which is connected to the irrigating tube of the phaco machine. Single-use Bi-manual handpieces offer a cost effective alternative to expensive re-usables.