Steriseal by Unomedical

Richards Medical are now the distributors FOR an extensive range of Ophthalmic Products from Steriseal, STEPHENS INSTRUMENTS & POLYVAC Ophthalmic products in Australia as well as New Zealand..



Capsulotomy - Irrigating Cystotomes

Capsulotomy Cystotomes - can be attached to a syringe filled with air or balanced salt solution to maintain the anterior chamber during capsulotomy or for opening a hole in condensed vitreous face.


Formed cystotomes are shaped to conform with the anterior convexity of the crystalline lens.


Many techniques are used to incise the anterior capsule and gain access to the lens. Unomedical Ltd. produces a wide range of cystotomes which have been developed in conjunction with surgeons world-wide. All bearing the mark of consistency and quality synonymous with the Steriseal brand name.


Extra and intracapsular techniques are covered by long and short cystotomes, offering a choice to suite individual requirements. Formed and straight versions further enhance the clinician’s choice. All cystotomes can be connected to an irrigation source via a syringe or irrigating handle. This allows maintenance of the chamber depth during capsulotomy.